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Over the last 20 years John has developed a keen eye for what he likes and for what he knows works in the inside of bars, restaurants, hotels, houses and apartments.

For the last 6 years the main projects have been increasing the sales of a market town hotel by attracting new clients, restructuring the 60 cover conservatory, designing an Italian restaurant from an old coaching inn, creating a sports bar from an old disused room, designing show flats and creating a letting company with 6 fully refurbished houses!

Now he is ready for the next project.....could it be yours?

The pictures above are similar to the finished restaurants and houses that John was involved in and at the moment he is currently talking to a riverside hotel regarding their refurbishment of the restaurant and bar area.

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Are you a bar, restaurant or hotel that would like to increase your sales and boost your profits?

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Do you need help to sell events and fill tables, coaches and boxes?

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